Friday, August 7, 2009


OK, so it's been a while since my last post. Wow - I don't even know where to begin! I'll just ramble on for a while and see where I get to.

In an earlier post I added a new word to the American political lexicon - palinization. This time around I'm adding a new note to my personal stylebook. Previously, I've also referred to the Leftist/Democrat/State-run Media establishment or cabal. I've decided to abbreviate that to LDSrM. Also, in order to further reflect the monolithic nature of the LDSrM and its quasigovernmental-parapolitical-propagandistic relationship to the Obama administration and their allies in the Congress, LDSrm will be used interchangably with government/media enterprise. All independent media sources will be referred to by their names and given attribution when required.

Thomas Jefferson said, "A little rebellion now and then is a medicine necessary for the sound health of government". We the People have rediscovered the republican instincts of freedom that gave birth to this nation, and have taken President Jefferson's prescription for ourselves, and are now applying that strong medicine to our government. We've decided that a return to tyranny is a fate worse than death, and have also chosen to ignore the euthanasian impulses so prevalent among the LDSrM.

We have rediscovered the principle that America and her government are not always the same things. Case in point - any government that has officials who advocate for forced sterilization as a method of population control and assert that babies don't attain to humanity until years after birth (, does not reflect the views or the values of the America I know. These are just a couple of positions attributed to President Obama's new science advisor, John Holdren.

There is also a stark difference between our America and what passes for academia. Holdren's analogue in the academic world can be found at the University of Oregon. William McGurn writes in the Wall Street Journal Online about a study published by Murtaugh and Schlax entitled, "Reproduction and the Carbon Legacies of Individuals". Their basic premise, quoted in its entirety, is that, "...a person is responsible for the emissions of his descendants, and their relatedeness to him." According to them, they don't make any policy recommendations. But they seem to believe that lowering the rate of population growth reduces the strain on the planet - I think - not really sure. Even the west coast organ of record for the government/media enterprise was moved to ask, "Tie Your Tubes and Save the Planet?"

McGurn also writes that two British doctors published a similar "study" in the British Medical Journal stating that, "'Having one less child is the simplest and biggest gift' anyone could give to a more habitable planet". They further suggest that Britian promote "environmental ethics", as in fewer children is analogous to "avoiding patio heaters and high-carbon cars".

These guys are statisticians and medical doctors. It looks like they're trying to establish their green credentials with junk math and science. And an avowed eugenicist has, not only the approval of the United States Senate, but the ear of the President as well. They've apparently missed that whole replacement birth-rate thing....

Finally, there is a great chasm between America and the majority of her elected representatives. Mr. Obama has activated his Organizing for (against) America campaign calling for volunteers to go quell dissent against health care reform, or is it health insurance reform? Apparently the major labor unions are on board as well, with John Sweeney's AFL-CIO marshalling a 1,000,000 member "health care task force". I would expect Andy Stern and SEIU to be involved in a similar effort at Mr. Obama's behest. Nancy Pelosi has called us Nazis. Others have described us as "rabid right-wing extremists", "mobs", and the now familiar "astroturf". I don't care what they call me as long as they lose in the end!

They are absolutely hell-bent on cramming their deficits and taxes and socialism and radical leftist government/media enterprise down our throats. Yet congressional trust and popularity is in the teens percentage-wise, and Mr. Obama has slipped to less than 50% in some polls, having lost the support of his electoral majority. His White House is hosting a snitch email box for tips on those of us spreading "disinformation" and "fishy" stuff about whatever health-related reform he's doing - is it care or insurance this week? I can't ever think of a time when the government, media and organized labor have set themselves in open and direct opposition to America.

Several weeks ago I wrote that, short of Divine intervention, the only thing that would stop them was a groundswell of opposition to their schemes. I'm gratified and encouraged to see just such a groundswell taking place. The America I know and love has finally awakened to the fact that all these forces arrayed against her must be taken seriously. If the government/media enterprise are successful in remaking our America into the second-world cradle-to-grave welfare state they seem to desire, our America will cease to exist.

God save America - please!

Eternal vigilance is the price of not sitting idly by while the LDSrM government/media enterprise works 24/7 to run this country into the ground.

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