Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Coffee Party

The Coffee Party is open for business in America and coming to a Starbucks near you. Or would be if your Starbucks hadn't closed. Maybe they're coming to a Dunkin Donuts or a Barney's, instead....

Unlike the tea party movement, The Coffee Party has a titular founder, Ms. Annabel Park, who is a former Strategy Analyst for the venerable New York Times. Ms. Park is currently a documentary filmmaker, and denies being an operative for the Obama presidential campaign. The Coffee Party also have a titular spokeman, retired U.S. Army chief warrant officer, Fortune 500 ex-industrialist, and star of radio and Youtube, Alan Aborn. Alborn claims to be a free-marketer, whatever that is, and a Libertarian.

The Coffee Party have put it all out there. "Progress is patriotic" and "The government is the expression of our collective will". Whatever Ms. Park's motivation for "founding" the Coffee Party, they sound like another progressive and collectivist shill for the Obama government/media enterprise.

The Coffee Party are the darling of the New York Times, egged on by the Washington Post. CNN and KSRO Radio in Santa Rosa, California. We suspect The Coffee Party is nothing more than a substitute the discredited and and an arm of the uber-leftist Organizing (Obama) for America.

According to the Boston Globe, The Coffee Party's Alborn says "he supports the basic tenets of the Tea Party (sic), but not what he views at its stonewall strategy and jumble of church of church and state (emphasis added)". Unfortunately, spokesman Al Alborn doesn't elaborate on that strategy or the jumble. Our opinion is that Alan Alborn is about as conservative as David Brooks.

The Coffee Party claim to seek the middle way of compromise, providing a political home for independent and moderate Americans. If anything they're about two decades too late. Maybe if it had been The Coffee Party in the 1990's instead of Soros and MoveOn. The drive to fundamentally transform America in a second-world cradle-to-grave welfare dystopia by the Obama presidency and the Pelosi/Reid Congress havejust about sent independents and moderates the way of the dodo bird and the ivory-billed woodpecker. The Coffee Party may soon find themselves without a constituency.

The Coffee Party have a difficult job ahead of them. Progressives and their agenda have taken a beating over the Obama/Pelosi/Reid debacle. Without a more substantive message than compromise, The Coffee Party are going to be unable to make any real difference in the political climate. Today's progressive power structure views American politics as a zero-sum game, and the Obama administration and Pelosi/Reid Congress continue to pursue a scorched earth legislative policy. The Coffee Party risks being drowned out by their own, or being co-opted, like their brethren in the democrat party and the mainstream media, by radical/socialist/progressives.

Eternal vigilance (not compromise) is the price of liberty for all of us, including progressives, whether they realize it or not.

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