Saturday, March 5, 2011

Progressives Gone Wild

Earlier this week CNN posted an article by John Blake, in which he described white Americans as "the new face of racial oppression". He uses the liberal media's favorite intellectual straw men, "they" and "some", to discuss purported calls for ethnic programs to promote racial pride, including "whiteness studies". Using a blend of innuendo and pop psychology with a few quotes from supposed white racialist intellectuals, he attempts to paint a picture of a racially fractured America, with white people on the sociological ropes. Seems that CNN has a vested interest in promoting the fiction of an oppressed white race to justify the continuing existence of the race-grievance industry.

Funny thing is I don't feel oppressed. I'm glad they told me about it though. Maybe I should find someone to sue....

Sherrod Brown, democrat, Ohio tried to hitlerize Republican governors who are trying to limit the political influence of public sector unions in their states. Following a trope devised by teachers unions that Hitler went after the labor unions in Germany, Brown embellished the tale with Stalin - a move for which he apologized today. His apology implied that his passion for the middle class apparently got the better of him, causing his "mistake". Uh, Sherrod you were talking about unions, not the middle class. Who knew that statist unionist progressives were such ardent champions of the middle class?

Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty - especially when the media and politicians get it so wrong....

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