Friday, November 20, 2009

Share the Sacrifice Act of 2010

This is so arrogant, so absolutely scurrilous, so scandalous and beyond the pale, that it could only originate in the mind of a democrat partisan hack. With bailouts, "stimulus", apologies and bows, one could hope that there could be an end to the insanity. Only a politician with an absolutely impaired sense of the moral, the right and the good, and an equally enfeebled intellect, could come up with such a reckless and feckless scheme.

Among others, and we can't wait to find out who the rest are, disreputable democrat hacks Frank, Murtha and Obey have proposed the Share the Sacrifice Act of 2010, an income surtax meant to cover the cost of the Afghan war. They are concerned that the continuing costs of that effort will impair their ability to wage a cultural and economic war against the American people.

These people are not worthy of the Constitutional office to which they have been elected, and certainly not worthy of the rights and freedoms that accompany citizenship in the United States of America. Going forward, in these pages, any democrat that has endorsed this outrage will no longer be referred to by the title conferred on them by the office to which they were elected. They will be identified by their behavior, which is that of disreputable democrat partisan hacks, and regularly treated to the opprobrium they so richly deserve.

This writer has far too much respect for the United States of America and her enduring institutions to allow this profanation against the Constitutional responsibilities of the Legislative Branch, and the desecration of our military services, and the memories of those who have given what President Lincoln described as "...their last full measure of devotion", to pass unremarked and unchallenged. These hacks, responsible in their own persons for much of the economic destruction wrought against America in the last 15 months, would use the American military and the dead and the living victims of 9/11, to advance their corrupt and hateful political agenda.

We implore President Barack Obama to condemn this as the stunt that it is, and reject this cynical and naked partisanship. Though we believe that he would rather bow to tyrants and demigods, than to the wishes and the will of the American people.

Only the God of Heaven can grant recompense. His judgment, swift and sure, is tempered by mercy.

We would cry "A pox on their House!"

Eternal vigilance is the price of protecting liberty from the political thuggery of feckless mandarins disguised as American politicians.

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