Friday, November 20, 2009


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This is the web site for Get Out Of Our House. Here you will find information about the GOOOH plan to replace all 435 members of the United States House of Representatives. Take the time to look it over, take a shot at the questionnaire, see if you find something there that gets your attention.

In a previous post, this writer charged sitting members of the U.S. Congress with waging a cultural and economic war against the American people. Feckless mandarins, an impotent and ineffectual political class, aggrandizing and enriching themselves and their cohorts at taxpayers' expense and at the expense of American liberty.

They fancy themselves of the lineage of Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Lincoln, Truman, JFK, Reagan. A few may be that principled and informed, but most are not. And on their watch, America may be headed toward social, economic and political shoals which could sink the ship of State.

President Reagan pointed out that America's values, founding principles and way of life are never more than one generation from extinction. This generation, more than any other in recent history, must take urgent action to reverse this radical/socialist/progressive tide. A large part of that work can be accomplished by removing, as much as possible, the power of incumbency, the power of the K Street lobby, and the power of interest groups.

This is the purpose of GOOOH, to use the power of the vote to remove the political nobility currently ensconced in the House of Representatives and return that chamber to the hands of a responsible and responsive citizen legislature.

Is GOOOH the perfect solution? A solution at all? This writer has an opinion, but there's only one way for you to be sure. Find a GOOOH meeting. Listen to what they have to say. Join the discussion.

Because it's your House too....

Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.


  1. For starters, there is no way Tim is going to succeed in getting all of Congress voted out. Impossible.

    But even if that were possible, getting rid of the good guys makes no sense to me at all.

    I think fighting the issues is what is important right now. This crap for Healthcare Bill is a disaster waiting to bring America down.

    algore and his stupid global warming/climate change/Kyoto like attempts to make himself the climate czar of the world is something that is beginning to come unraveled, but only because of a few voices that refused to not be heard.

    The Death Tax is a problem that needs to be destroyed...and on an on. Trying to get rid of the bad politicians is futile unless you make public the damage these kind of bills have on the electorate. People only wake up when THEY know THEY are going to lose something of great value, other than that, they are too busy with their own little worlds.

    Fight bringing Gitmo here, fight a healthcare bill championed by a man who was at the very least responsible for a woman drowning in his car years ago....fight lies and individuals, but to try to get the entire Congress voted out....not going to happen. AND I wouldn't insult good people like Dean Heller and others who do stand up for all of us, not just his local constituency.

    Get Tim a microphone and have him go around and expose the bad guys, but have him also champion the good guys....that's part of the big problem is the good guys rarely get any TV time so the public doesn't know what they are working and fighting for. So no, I won't join a group who wants to destroy what I spent time campaigning for and making calls on. I supported Dean Heller and a couple state politicians, and my only regret there is that me and people like me didn't do enough to help other honest hardworking candidates, so we got liberals in their place. Very unfortunate. But elections are on the horizon and that's where I'll be working, to get the good ones voted in. See my point? I want to work for the positive and overcome the negative. A different approach. Either way, it's a long shot, but even if Tim and all of you were successful, who would fill those seats? You'd still have to go out and campaign for the good guys.

  2. Anonymous, I appreciate your passion for the topic. Unfortunately, you have the advantage of me, as you know who I am.

    Anonymous, there are tens of millions of fed-up and frustrated Americans, with a with an number equal number of viewpoints and opinions with regard to the solution to the problems that plague us. GOOOH is looking to engage 500,000 of us in their effort.

    No one individual or group has within themselves the capacity to mitigate this crisis. Anonymous, you speak of "good guys". If they're there (I'm aware of a few), and they don't want the bum's rush in 2010 or 2012, they need to be very clear about their intentions with regard to good governance and fiscal responsibility. They need to declare for America.

    Anonymous, there's plenty to do and not much time. This dialogue alone is reason to be hopeful for America's future prospects.

    Scott Ballinger
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