Sunday, December 6, 2009

Of Partisan Hacks, Rank Hypocrites and Opportunists

It is the rankest form of hypocrisy for democrat partisan hacks in Washington
to complain about the quality of the Afghan government and the cost of the Afghanistan war. quotes Richard Durbin, ranking democrat partisan hack from Illinois, speaking about Afghanistan, "...there's a lot to be desired in terms of the last election and the corruption in his government". I suppose it's some kind of mental or rhetorical slip as he goes on to ask, "Are we going to let American soldiers stay there (in Afghanistan) indefinitely while they dither, in Vice President Cheney's words?"

I could give Durbin the benefit of the doubt and assume that he's accusing President Karzai and the Afghan government of dithering. However, based on Durbin's behavior, I wouldn't put it past him to actually accuse the U. S. military of dithering. And it must be lost on Durbin that President Karzai could easily justify making the same statement about the American government, as the American government, in the person of President Barack Obama, did dither for months on the Afghanistan decision.

The same article quotes Russ Feingold, democrat partisan hack from Wisconsin, as saying he and his allies will do whatever they can to prevent the Afghanistan surge, even to the point of blocking funds for the troops. Their strategy will include efforts to "...fight any attempts to use sort of accounting gimmicks to allow it (the Afghanistan surge) to be funded", and " oppose it... (as) also fiscally irresponsible." Feingold is also quoted as saying, "The idea of continuing to spend on this war flies in the face of the American people's priority to bring spending down.

Perhaps these are newly discovered traits for both, and they really don't know how to apply the principles that underly these ideas. Otherwise, Durbin's recent passion for good governance and decisiveness, and Feingold's new-found ardor for sound policy and fiscal restraint smacks of political opportunism and paints both of them as the rankest of a mob of rank hypocrites in Washington D.C. and in the democrat party as a whole.

It may seem redundant to do so, but I would like to offer the following list of recent democrat activities for the reader's consideration - Bush's fault, TARP, bank and insurance company seizures, US military as Nazis and terrorists, automotive manufacturing seizures, Bush's fault, tax cheats, socialists, tax increases, VATs and war surtaxes, communists and communist sympathizers, Maoists, ACORN, dithering, health care "reform", Bush's fault, talking with dictators without preconditions, racism, Honduras, Colombia, Afghanistan, timetables for withdrawal, 12 trillion dollar national debt, quadrupling the national budget deficit, cutting critical weapons systems and Bush's fault.

Anywhere else it would be considered a singular character flaw when someone tries to do the right thing for the wrong reason. Of course, since Durbin and Feingold are both career Washington insiders, I believe they know exactly what they're doing. They are pandering to their base, to their sycophants and acolytes in the state-run media by cloaking themselves in the mantle of good governance and fiscal restraint to advance a liberal/democrat/progressive agenda which has no use for either virtue.

Perhaps Durbin, Feingold and the rest of the democrat partisan hacks could benefit from the wisdom of Jesus Christ, found in the Book of Matthew chapter 7 verse 3, by ignoring the mote in someone else's eye and considering the beam in their own.

Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty, especially when liberty is under assault by partisan hacks, rank hypocrites and political opportunists.

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