Saturday, December 19, 2009

On Copenhagen

Venezualen dictator Hugo Chavez says socialism will save the world from the "evil ghost of capitalism", and gets a rowsing round of applause.

US Secretary Hillary Clinton's talking about how hard it is to reach an agreement on activities to mitigate climate change and that $100bil is just a downpayment in the 3rd world shakedown of 1st world capitalism.

It's not about the environment, stupid...!

It's anti-capitalist, anti-democratic, and anti-American economic thuggery.

It's a global pandemic of liberal pandering. Western and Asian democracies have elected leaders who are more sympathetic to the madcap anarchists and tin-horn dictators who populate the Copenhagen conference and make up the bulk of the protestors outside, than are dedicated to the democratic principles which have underpinned their countries for decades and centuries.

The leaders of these economic powers would sell their citizens down the river- for what? The admiration and respect of Hugo Chavez and Wen Jia Bao? For good vibes in Sudan and Russia?

Unfortunately, President Barack Hussein Obama is more interested in creating a world constituency for himself, than he is in advancing the ideals of freedom, limited government and American exceptionalism...

...and he was probably right at home....

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