Saturday, December 19, 2009

Harry Reid's "health reform" debacle

So Harry had to buy Senator Mary Landrieux, democrat Lousiana, to get her vote. He had to toss the so-called "public option" overboard to buy the vote of Senator Joseph Lieberman, Independent from Connecticut. Now there are supposed changes to the abortion language to mollify Senator Ben Nelson, democrat Nebraska, to get his vote. Oh yeah, almost forgot - and some unspecified amount of federal health care dollars, covered under a portion of the legislation written specifically for the state of Nebraska, to be paid beginning January 1, 2017(!).

According to Cox Radio correspondent Jamie Dupree, the abortion provision changes that satisfied Nelson have angered Representative Bart Stupak Democrat of Michigan, who calls the language "unacceptable". reports that Stupak says he has to the votes to stop the bill.

While Stupak was making his objections known, the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL), also came out against the modified abortion language in the bill. Planned Parenthood and the National Organization of Women (NOW) have raised their own objections to the Reid-Nelson abortion compromise, as well.

Does this mean that Reid's cloture-ready democrat majority is blown up again? What will it take to buy off Stupak and the House anti-abortion Democrats? Are all democrat politicians for sale? Will the pro-abortion caucus in the Senate bow to pressure from abortion interest groups and reject cloture on the bill as it now stands?

Stay tuned.

Eternal vigilance, indeed....

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